Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sweet Almond Oil For The Skin Is Teeming With Shade

Pale and fading of things and annoying problems faced by the woman's skin, especially when exposed to many of the contaminants surrounding unforgiving, and every girl trying to make her skin vitality and freshness, and there are many cosmetics that perform this function, but there is no case is nothing better than materials natural, so you need this recipe to increase the natural freshness of your skin.

You need the following ingredients: a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, one teaspoon of lavender oil (lavender).

The method of use:
Massage your face and neck component mix of sweet almond oil and lavender oil with a move away from the area around the eyes, Use this mask 3 times a week before sleep and you will notice a gradual disappearance of the pale skin and the return of freshness and vitality easily.

It is noteworthy that sweet almond oil, rich in protein, vitamin E and B, minerals and useful in overcoming the signs of age, and the effect of the sun on the skin, including changes pigment, and texture of the skin and also moisturize the skin, which is found in many medicinal preparations cosmetic special care of the skin.

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