Sunday, February 9, 2014

Improve You Quality Of The Skin By Reducing Cellulite

You can also use cellulites. Year after year, the market is flooded with admittedly innovative formulas.
Another solution to fight cellulite passes, so the cosmetics, which, for Mariana Morals' are a good complement to medical treatment. "

'I note that those who use them at home have better results because the quality of the skin and improves circulation is also encouraged,' says yet.

Physical exercise
The platform 'power plate is the best tool for this type of pathology because it induces, through vibration, numerous muscle contractions per minute, promoting increased blood flow and stimulation also makes the stimulation of the lymphatic reflux (muscle pump) in the areas most problematic, "explains Paula Santos, master trainer of the chain Holmes Place gyms.

Body pump, functional training and total etch, followed by cardiovascular exercises are also helpful. The power plate should have a frequency of at least two to three times per week, lasting 25 to 30 minutes and may be supplemented by walking and / or running for 20 to 30 minutes.

Before you begin
Advice for those who will start the sport before you start:

- Write a medical evaluation then look for a technical exercise to do a physical assessment and tailor your workout to your goals and risk factors.- Buy a good tennis (malleable and fresh running and cushion the impact), comfortable sports equipment, a heart rate monitor and a pedometer to see the number of steps that is, inside and outside the gym (ideally seek to ten thousand steps pos day).

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