Sunday, February 9, 2014

Body And Beauty Aesthetic Treatments By Reducing Cellulite

Body and Beauty Aesthetic treatments Meet treatments that enhance your image and are cheap

Aesthetic treatments Aesthetic treatments are still in general expensive. However, there are more spaces each time you offer considerably more affordable deals.

Some beauty salons as Lip cero, specializing in weight loss, body shaping, fat removal and cellulite treatments to the market several single price of 35 per session

Choose from the following:

Decreases the amount of fat through the use of low frequency ultrasound to penetrate the hypodermis

To this is associated with a current of electro oration to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of a gel (draining and anti-cellulite) to promote the elimination process.

Presto therapy
It is a mechanical lymphatic drainage massage that eases the sliding of physiological venous and lymphatic flow.

Thus, can treat cellulite, adiposity, in addition to stimulate circulation, drainage and elimination of toxins from the body

Noninvasive sub dermal therapy
Performs an internal massage of negative pressure within the hypodermis, using a technique of gentle suction it is especially used in anti-cellulite treatments.
Currents Medium Frequency Modulation (Phototherapy with electro oration)

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