Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Knowing the different areas of the chest muscles and how to focus on each of them in your training, can make a tremendous difference in building excellent release, here a diagram of the anatomy of the chest

The muscles of the chest High: Visual Impact Muscle Building
You targeting:

Exercises on the bench italics

Exercise (the bar or dumbbells) and exercise flutter (cable)

Both also duplicates as well as an exercise by the intersection to a low pulley cable

The muscles of the chest Central: 

You targeting: Visual Impact Muscle Building
Exercises that lead to the bench level and exercise pressure (the bar or dumbbells)

Exercise and flutter (cable), as well as cable crossover exercise (with arms parallel with the ground)

The muscles of the chest Lower:    

You targeting:
Exercises that lead high Lynch slope. Exercise pressure (bar or dumbbells)

Exercise flitting (cable), as well as exercise and Diving Exercise intersection cable

The muscles of the chest interior:   
You targeting:

Exercise pressure tight fist Bar (on bench or flat or sloping ramp)

As well as exercise and exercise flutter intersection using a cable
Exercise and flutter using a Beck have.

The muscles of the chest of Foreign Affairs:  
You targeting: Visual Impact Muscle Building

Iterations exercise pressure tight fist Bar (on bench flat or sloping ramp)
Bench exercise flat or slant or slope), and innovations intersection using cable (all kinds)


Many of us may face a general problem is that after a period of training, there is no significant increase in muscle size may reach interconnected to leave this game in the beginning before he initiated. This is not to ask themselves one question is:

Do you play the right way and you help muscle growth?
But the exclamation point comes (How can I help my muscles to grow)
The answer is: Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Well-trained enough to stress the muscles to grow
Adequate nutrition and proper and that benefit the body with all the necessary (protein - fat - carbohydrate)

Most importantly: the number of hours of sleep enough for the renewal of energy in the body (do not depend on doping substances or injection)

The number of hours of sleep should be at least 8 hours, its benefits:

The renewal of blood cells
Increase muscle: increase muscle between the hours of 4 to 5:00 and the wisdom of the creation Almighty secrete means of hormones in the body called Growth Harmon is responsible for changing the damaged tissue and increase muscle increasing the length of the hair of the chin and head and that takes some of the heroes of the more than their body and increase their muscles and be known by the name of injection (injection GH)

Should be hours of sleep a night in line with the saying Come (and made us the night to made the day a pension) should not be that ensures all night and sleep in the morning and then you want to increase your body and your muscles.

Sweet Almond Oil For The Skin Is Teeming With Shade

Pale and fading of things and annoying problems faced by the woman's skin, especially when exposed to many of the contaminants surrounding unforgiving, and every girl trying to make her skin vitality and freshness, and there are many cosmetics that perform this function, but there is no case is nothing better than materials natural, so you need this recipe to increase the natural freshness of your skin.

You need the following ingredients: a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, one teaspoon of lavender oil (lavender).

The method of use:
Massage your face and neck component mix of sweet almond oil and lavender oil with a move away from the area around the eyes, Use this mask 3 times a week before sleep and you will notice a gradual disappearance of the pale skin and the return of freshness and vitality easily.

It is noteworthy that sweet almond oil, rich in protein, vitamin E and B, minerals and useful in overcoming the signs of age, and the effect of the sun on the skin, including changes pigment, and texture of the skin and also moisturize the skin, which is found in many medicinal preparations cosmetic special care of the skin.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Prevention Is Better Than Cure For Skin

Learn about these seven steps to do as routine daily lifestyle, and you'll get what you deserve from your skin purity and vitality and youth permanently.
Face wash:

Face wash is necessary to get rid of oils and make-up and all that remains of the skin and pick it affects the nature dramatically. You should wash your face softener for the skin every morning and regularly.
Use a toner:

As part of the routine daily care, you must use a toner to balance the acidity
The «b H. » PH in your skin. It uses toner after removing make-up liquid milk cleanser, toner is something necessary to prevent staining of the skin and protect it.
Use sunscreen:

Habits very important to maintain healthy skin use a condom from the sun's ultraviolet rays. This applies a condom every day after a moist; you can also use a moisturizer that contains at the same time the material
The «Drives F» SPF that protects from the sun's rays. Upon taking the entire day
Outdoors, you must

Applied at least twice

Water is the key element to keep young skin, and you have to drink a lot of them in the day and an average of eight glasses a day is acceptable. As you feed your skin moisturizer external daily every morning on your skin and commensurate with the nature, whether natural or dry or oily.

Exercise effective element in the fight against aging skin, keeping it supple and young. You should exercise at least three times a week, whatever the type of sport that you like best.
Healthy Eating:

Follow a healthy diet provides you provide immunity to fight skin aging. You adopt the system that has fruits and vegetables and stay away from caffeine, sugar and meat as much as possible.
Dilution of make-up:

Make-up and is especially heavy relaxes the skin and called her area to breathe, because a lot of it will lead to the clogging of the pores of the skin.

You Know The Holiday Blends For Skin Care And Body

Proceed with the girls before the advent in search of all that is unique and useful for skin care, and through the use of many of the recipes and mixtures that protect the skin and maintain it, it is the most important natural recipes that maintain the beauty of women, are: Acne No More

Recipe dark chocolate mask for the face: to require of dark chocolate 2/3 cup milk 0.3 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 tbsp sea salt. We dissolving chocolate and careful not to burn it then with the remaining ingredients in the bowl, and then put it on the face after it cooled chocolate and careful before you freeze, then leave it only to hold together in the face of chocolate we remove it by gently rubbing and peeling.

Lavender Shampoo "lavender" is composed of 1 tablespoon soda "baking soda" 0.1 cup warm water, a drop of lavender oil, and then put all the ingredients in a bottle and is used on the hair.

Peeled brown sugar: 3 tablespoons brown sugar 3 tbsp olive oil, 1-2 tbsp honey, mix brown sugar and olive oil in a pot and then add a tablespoon of honey, put on a clean face and leave it to dry and then remove it by rubbing and water warm.

Avocado Conditioner Hair: 2 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 ripe avocado, then mix the ingredients together and then put it on the hair for 25 minutes and rinse. Natural nail hardener: contains 3 teaspoons castor oil 0.2 teaspoons of salt, teaspoon crushed seeds, wheat germ, and then mix all the ingredients are kept in a bottle, and when you use a little put on the nails of 3 to 4 minutes.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Improve You Quality Of The Skin By Reducing Cellulite

You can also use cellulites. Year after year, the market is flooded with admittedly innovative formulas.
Another solution to fight cellulite passes, so the cosmetics, which, for Mariana Morals' are a good complement to medical treatment. "

'I note that those who use them at home have better results because the quality of the skin and improves circulation is also encouraged,' says yet.

Physical exercise
The platform 'power plate is the best tool for this type of pathology because it induces, through vibration, numerous muscle contractions per minute, promoting increased blood flow and stimulation also makes the stimulation of the lymphatic reflux (muscle pump) in the areas most problematic, "explains Paula Santos, master trainer of the chain Holmes Place gyms.

Body pump, functional training and total etch, followed by cardiovascular exercises are also helpful. The power plate should have a frequency of at least two to three times per week, lasting 25 to 30 minutes and may be supplemented by walking and / or running for 20 to 30 minutes.

Before you begin
Advice for those who will start the sport before you start:

- Write a medical evaluation then look for a technical exercise to do a physical assessment and tailor your workout to your goals and risk factors.- Buy a good tennis (malleable and fresh running and cushion the impact), comfortable sports equipment, a heart rate monitor and a pedometer to see the number of steps that is, inside and outside the gym (ideally seek to ten thousand steps pos day).

Body And Beauty Aesthetic Treatments By Reducing Cellulite

Body and Beauty Aesthetic treatments Meet treatments that enhance your image and are cheap

Aesthetic treatments Aesthetic treatments are still in general expensive. However, there are more spaces each time you offer considerably more affordable deals.

Some beauty salons as Lip cero, specializing in weight loss, body shaping, fat removal and cellulite treatments to the market several single price of 35 per session

Choose from the following:

Decreases the amount of fat through the use of low frequency ultrasound to penetrate the hypodermis

To this is associated with a current of electro oration to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of a gel (draining and anti-cellulite) to promote the elimination process.

Presto therapy
It is a mechanical lymphatic drainage massage that eases the sliding of physiological venous and lymphatic flow.

Thus, can treat cellulite, adiposity, in addition to stimulate circulation, drainage and elimination of toxins from the body

Noninvasive sub dermal therapy
Performs an internal massage of negative pressure within the hypodermis, using a technique of gentle suction it is especially used in anti-cellulite treatments.
Currents Medium Frequency Modulation (Phototherapy with electro oration)